Swedes Missing in Action – Tablets of the missing

In my search for more Swedish born soldiers who are buried and commemorated at the Western Front, after have been fighting in the Great War, I have found seven more individuals. They will be remembered here and in my research database.

My method this time, to find these soldiers, was to manually go through the Americian Burial site, American Battle Monument Commission, ABMC.

I looked through the Scandinavian names, after had put in a filter, that only present those who are missing in action, and with my earlier experience, I could sort out those I thought were Swedish. I have earlier searched through those who has a casualty card, and I have found out that those who are missing in action doesn’t have a casualty card. That is the reason for filtering out those who are missing, as I already have the other Swedes, who have their own grave.

Most of the times I had right in my thoughts, but I also found quite many born in Norway and in Finland, or in Russia, that Finland belonged to back then.

It resulted in the finding of seven more individuals, but I can of course not rule out that it is more out there in those lists.

Below I will present the Swedes found in my latest search, together with some basic facts and documents.

Andrew C Carlson – Anders Kaleb Karlsson – Born December 7, 1887 in Landa parish in Hallands county. Andrew left Sweden in 1913 for North America. Andrew catched the Spanish Flu on the transport over to the battlefields in France, died and are buried in the Atlantic Ocean.

A. A Erickson – Axel Albert Erickson – Axel Albert Eriksson – Born February 17, 1892 in Vika parish in Dalarna county. Axel left Sweden in 1912 for North America. Axel fought for 2nd Infantry Machine Gun Battalion, 1st Divison, and was killed in the second battle of the Marne in France, July 21, 1918. Axel is on the Tablets of the Missing at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery In France.

Carl Goldstrand – Karl Eriksson – Born February 10, 1891, in Karlanda parish in Värmland county. Carl was called “Kulle Kalle” back home in Sweden. I have no facts about when or why he changed his surname to Guldstrand or in english, Goldstrand. Carl also probably died on the transport over to France, October 27, 1918, and is probably buried in the Atlantic Ocean. He belonged to the American Engineers. His name is on the Tablets of the missing at Suresnes American Cemetery, in Paris, France.

T. J Goranson – Theophil Joseph Goranson – Born September 11, 1885, in Ljungby parish, Kronoberg county, Småland. Theophil left Sweden with whole of his family in 1889. He grew up in the State of Montana. He left US for the battlefields in France with his unit 2nd American Engineers, 2nd Division. Theophil fought heavily under a huge German barrage and was wiped out together with his platoon, among other platoons. He was never found. He is noted on the Tablets of the missing at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France.

Esaias E Hagstrom – Esaias Eriksson Hagstrom – Born May 1st, 1893, also in Karlanda parish, Värmland county. Esaias left Sweden for North America in 1912. He probably moved in by his sister Mathilda, who left Sweden a couple of years earlier then him. I assume he used the surname Hagstrom after his sister’s husband after has looked on his census documents from North America. Esaias went over to the battlefields in France with his unit, American Infantry, 111th regiment, 28th Division. I havent found any connection to Goldstrand mentioned above, also surname Eriksson from parish of Karlanda. I will come back if I do. Esaias was killed in August 12, 1918, but was never found and is noted on the Tablets of the Missing at Oise-Aisne American Cemetery in France.

Folke Peterson – Folke Pettersson – Born April 22, 1889, in Edsele parish, Västernorrlands county, Ångermanland. Folke left Sweden for North America in 1909 and lived in Kansas. Folke went over to France with his unit, the American Engineers, 6th Regiment, 3rd Division in December 1917. Folke was a cook and he is noted to have been killed in March 28, 1918, together with another Swedish engineer, also in my database, Carl A Woline, an Engineer in the 1st Division. Folke is mentioned on the Tablets of the Missing at Somme American cemetery, France.

Carl J S Seaburg – Carl Johan Samuel Sjöberg – Born in December 3rd, 1886, in Hedvig Eleonora parish in Stockholm, Uppland. Carl left Sweden for North America in 1904, and lived in Gloster, Mississippi. Carl and his family seems to have changed their surname from Sjöberg to Seaburg already in Sweden which is quite interesting. Carl went to France from the port in Montreal, Canada, in October 4, 1918, with his unit, American Infantry, 150 regiment, 28 Division. Carl died of Pneumonia October 11th, and are probably buried at Sea, in the Atlantic Ocean, on his way to France. He is noted on the Tablets of the Missing in Suresnes American Cemetery in Paris, France.

The plan is to visit all of those 267 Swedish soldiers who fought for the American Expeditionary Forces on my trip to France this summer. They are all gathered in 6 cemeteries. May all of them rest in peace. Never Forgotten.

Above photos are from:

Ancestry.com, Arkiv Digital database, abmc.gov

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  1. The stories of all those who died from the Spanisj flue on their way to the battlefield – I have read sone articles about and some novels

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