Book – Swedes on the Western Front- Belgium

I have developed a huge passion for The Great War and have visited the battlefields in Belgium and in France many times. When I went to the Swedish Staff Officer Course at the Swedish National Defence College (2013-2014), I wrote a small essay about the South African units in the battle of Delville Wood connected to courage and moral factors in offensive and defensive operations.

One evening, several years ago in Ypres in West Flanders, Belgium, I discovered some Scandinavian names at the Menin Gate Memorial, and I decided to look them up in digital archives. I found out that they were Swedes and I decided to highlight their efforts as Swedish citizens as this is a blind spot in our Swedish history. I did not realise back then that I would find hundreds more soldiers with a Swedish background.

I consider that to be the starting point for my great passion for the Great War.

The focus of my project is to connect the individuals to the terrain and to broaden the perspective of the individuals by connecting the places where they came from in Sweden, where they fell on the battlefields and are buried or commemorated. I will also try to create their individual story, from when they left Sweden to the place where they have their final resting place.

Read my story in this first volume, about my research, my project, and the stories about those 48 Swedish born soldiers who fought and fell in the Great War, fell, and are buried or commemorated in Belgium. The stories about the rest of about 430 Swedish born soldiers, who fell in the war and have their final resting place elsewhere, will be covered in future books.

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