List of Appreciation

On this page I will mention people who has helped me along the trip, and inspired me with their work.


Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, when I started this project. See you at the Battlefield and in the Cemeteries.

Paul Reed

Nice Podcast about the Great War and a very interesting Twitter Page. Podcast here. Twitter profile here.

Dan Hill

Another historian that has a very intersting Twitter Page and also making great episodes at his page History from home. Twitter profile here.

Nils Fabiansson

A Swedish writer and Journalist that has made the most amazing books about the Western Front, which still keeps my fire alive regarding Swedes in The Great War!

Great War Group

The great association for this great subject. Join if you are interested in history, and especially the Great War! Professional trustees, members and great for building network between those who have the same passion!