More fact finding …

Just received more information about one of the soldiers, Gustav Wirén, who fought for the French Foreign Legion in WW1. So nice to make the picture more clear around the soldier, it comes alive in a way …

Not only those who fell …

… I am also trying to find information about those Swedes who fought in The Great War, and survived. It is quite hard to find information about the soldiers who fought in The French Foreign Legion, but now and then I find books about some of them. One example is this book in Swedish, written by the soldier himself.

It is called “40 grader resfeber”, 40 degrees travel fever, if just translated as is it is, but probably another word and meaning in english.

A very interesting book about the life of Edgar P Andersson, who fought in the French Foreign Legion in The Great War 1914-1916, injured and taken of the list in the French Army, just to be drafted to the British Army after getting better from his wounds, and fought again at the Western Front 1917-1918.

After that he joined the Foreign Legion again for totally six years. But his life continued to be dramatic, even if he didnt fought in a war again. Amazing history!

The update continues

I have all the data I have found so far about the soldiers, who fell at The Western Front in The Great war. The work now is to put it up on this webpage. That work is now ongoing, in total there are at the moment 100 soldiers to be put up here. I normally do this on my spare time in the evenings, so be patient. Please contact me if you have any questions or other remarks.

The galleries of each soldiers will be updated with pictures from their grave or from the monument where they are commemorated. It will also be updated with pictures from the site where they fell, if the site is to be found.

The list of all names that I am working with right now will you find here.

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