Deeper research reveales the truth.

On one page I today found info about a Swede that the author beleived was killed at The Western Front, and I thought I have found yet another person for my research.

I started to search for more info about this person and it showed up that he actually survived.

Robert Sundberg from Kalmar in Sweden emigrated to Australia and joined the AIF and was sent to the Western Front in 1916, and was taken on strenght 22nd of december 1916. He fought for the 15th Australian Infantry Bn, and was taken Prisoner of War the 3rd of may in 1917.

Initially he was declared “Missing in Action”, but was later confirmed to be a prisoner in the German Camp in Dülmen. He was repatriated back to England 19th of December 1918, and finally went back to Australia the 2nd of March in 1919.

From declared to have been killed in France, to actually been alive and sent back to Australia. Nice to straighten things out.

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