A day in the archives

There is always a great feeling when you are able to find original documents about your research subject. In this case I arranged a meeting in Blekinge Museum Archives regarding one of my soldiers in my research, Lieutenant Marcus Grundberg, who fought for the German Forces during the Great War.

I had found information in the Swedish archive “Riksarkivet”, that it would be more information to be found about Marcus Grundberg in Blekinge Museum archives, so I called them and checked if this was correct and it was.

I arranged a day to meet up with the personnel, who introduced me to the material. It was an amazing feeling to look at and feel the material which consisted of letters from Marcus to his family, but also from Marcus to his superiors in the Army.

There were also summarized information made from old news articles, and also some photos. It was really interesting to find text about where he fell and also to find photos from his original burial. I have only been to his final resting place in Menen in Belgium, but I will now try to find his previous burial site.

My upcoming work will now be to transcribe the handwritten text in the documents, and translate those from German to Swedish, and then in to English as well, to create an additional collection in PDF format, to be able to hand it out to those who have bought my first book, in where he is mentioned.

Below you will find some of the text files I scanned during my visit at Blekinge Museum Archives.

At the moment there is no information about who have made this compilation of documents, but it may be the regiment, Karlskrona Grenadiers, to which Marcus belonged, but I will try to get it confirmed. It will be a very interesting work to transcribe these around 65 documents but also quite demanding.

I will keep updates of the work on this page.

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