Detective work in digital research

Somtimes I come across really difficult data in my research work, but it doesnt make me give up. I get a strong feeling of really trying to solve it, to confirm that I actually have found a soldier that is born in Sweden. Below you can read about my research that finally led to the correct data, and confirmation.

I am searching in different digtal archives, and in this case I had a soldier in my notes that I have tried to confirm earlier, but did not understand the data, and it did not lead me in the right direction. This Individual was Conrad Allisson who fought for the Canadian Expeditionary Forces in WW1.

The papers states that he died of Wounds in April 21st, 1917, near Vimy, France, after has been shot in the left leg which led to amputation, and together with upcoming Pneumonia, he died. I also see that he is buried at Boulogne Eastern Cemetery in France. But who is this Conrad, which papers say that he is born in Sweden?

I use Ancestry Archive when searching for data, together with the Canadian National digital Archive, and I find data that tell something about his date of birth and location of birth, and also some names of relatives.

The papers say that he is born in Ospefalla, Rafveinata. I see that his mother is Anna Niklasson. I cant find any Conrad (Konrad) who is born at the date he specifies in his regitration papers, and decide to search for Anna. But where? I see a note about Ospefalla, which also is noted as Askefalla, and I try to google it. I find Åskefälla, and I see that Rafveinata is probably Räfvemåla, later on Rävemåla. It must be this. I decide to search for Anna and Konrad at the place Åskefälla. (Arkiv Digital) And there it is.

Conrads father in this archive is Elias, and Conrads Surname probably comes from Elias son, which will be Eliasson, and in english it sounds like Allisson. That means also that I probably have found the correct individual. Anna is actually Amanda, but a note in the church book says Anna, above Amanda. Conrads father is Elias Niklasson, which explain the name Anna Niklasson.

The person Andrew who is mentioned in the papers is probably Anders, Conrads brother, who is mentioned incorrectly as father in the papers. Anders follows Conrad to North America in 1911, Conrad left already in 1906, and I assume they lived together in Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada.

Conrad (Konrad Vitalis Leonard) is born in Älmesboda Parish February 8th, 1891, not in November 2nd, 1893, as he states in the registration papers. That made it difficult to search through date of birth, but through his mothers name and Askefalla, I finally found the correct family.

Conrad first belonged to 13th Canadian Mounted Rifles but was moved to Royal Canadian Regiment, a Infantry Regiment, when he was injured and later on died of his wounds. Conrad is today buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery in France, a cemetery that is the final resting place for victims in both World Wars. May Conrad rest in peace.

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