Names in the diaries

After I have found the soldiers, when have been searching in different digital archives, within the criterias in my research, I put them in my database, that is made in Microsoft Excel.

Next step is to put them in the Google Earth projects, where they will occur on the map, at the place, or in the area where they are assumed to have been fallen, and where they are buried or commemorated.

You can reach the links in the main menu or through the link here. It is updated ones or twice a week.

There you will also find a small story about each soldier, and also some of the facts I have collected. There are small pictures, snippets, from the different digital sources.

One thing that makes it more “alive” is when I find the soldiers names in the unit diaries, when I connect the individuials to the unit, and to the specific terrain where the unit were, that specific day, when the soldier fell at the Western Front.

Below you will find the name of Axel Eugene Larson, born November 10, 1888 in Västanfors Parish, Sweden, 3rd Pioneer Battalion, Australian Imperial Forces. He died of wounds May 7 1917, when a grenade exploded in the Workshop near Armentieres, Belgium, where he was working.

Axel is buried at a cemetery nearby the place where he was working, which I assume was some kind of camp or base the had in the area.

In the picture below you can see a snippet from a map tool, where two layers are combined, the map from today, and the old trench map from the period in 1917 over the area where he was. The frontline and the trenches occur more east as this was in the rear area, where the accident with the grenade happened.

Another example is also the Swede Gustav Adolf Landstrom (Landström), born May 22, 1880 in Stora Malm parish, Strängnäs, Sweden. He fought for the 3rd Canadian Field Ambulance Corps, and he was killed October 9, 1916, when relieving other stretcher bearers from the 1st Field Ambulance, near the area of Courcelette, Somme, France.

Gustav is buried in the Albert Communal Cemetery Extension in Albert, France. I have not yet a picture of his headstone, but I will visit him as soon I am at the battlefield again.

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