Names from other names …

The other evening I was looking for more information about a soldier named Erik M Carlson, and searched for his name in some digital newspapers. I found a small article about him and was satisfied over that.

I did not reflect over it then, but when reading some articles again, I found in this case another individual in the same text, in the text about Erik M Carlson.

I decided to search for him in the archives, and there I found him, as the Swedish soldier Otto Harold Christenson Persson.

Otto was born in Vinslöv, Skåne, in the most southern landscape of Sweden. Otto went to US in 1914. He left US for France in June 1918, fought at the Western Front, and was KIA in October. You can read his faith through some of the photos above.

I have manually searched through most of the common Scandinavian names in the different archives, but there are also individuals with names that are not so common, although the are Scandinavian.

That was the reason in this case, I havent searched through that name before, and it made me glad to find him! I will now read the articles more carefully next time, to maybe find some more hidden gems!

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