Upcoming trip

If the Covid-19 situation will be as it is now in Belgium I am planning to visit 11 of the places where the soldiers fell, which all are in the area east-south east of Ypres (Ieper). The trip will take place in the end of october, and following sites will be documented.

  • Karl Olson
  • Edvin Olson
  • Andrew Bergman
  • Tage Ågren (Richardson)
  • Peter Nord
  • Oscar Wikström
  • Martin Swedberg
  • Bertil Lindh
  • Conrad Hedberg
  • Johan Hallberg
  • Nils Otto Lundius

The places I will visit are the places where they are assumed to have been when they fell, it is more like an area than an exact spot, but based on names on trenches on the Trench Maps I have found together with notes from the diaries.

I have already been at the sites where they are commemorated or buried. The region in France that I was planning to visit at the same time, is closed for the moment, it will be done in next trip. In the future it will of course be possible to join me if wanted! 🙂

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