Backman, Oscar Renaldo Parson. Pte, 23/365

From Sweden, Town Unknown.

Joined: 4th of March 1915, Age 27

Taken on Strenght: Back from assumed jail, and rejoined the 1st Bn, 3rd Bde 19th of June 1916, in France, after transport from New Zealand.

Fought in: 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade.

Circumstances of death:

Died in Hospital 26th of march 1917, by a self inflicted wound in the neck, which lead to heamorrhage. From the few papers there is about Oscar, I beleive he went in and out from jail and hospitals, sentenced to jail for some small crimes, and he probably didnt want to make his duty, as he also was abcent from leave in one occasion. I beleive that he took his own life, but that is just my own thoughts.

Awarded: British War medal and Victory Medal

Buried or Commemorated in: Buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery, Belgium