Updating Google Earth Project

During this week the google earth project is updated with some more locations of the soldiers in the project. There are still some more to put up there. After that the update of the personal pages will continue.

Verify through church books

I have now almost found the date of birth of every soldier in my research, in the Swedish National Archive “Riksarkivet”. It is very fascinating to do this detective kind of work, to find their real names, and to get it verified that they were born in Sweden, which is one of my cornerstones in my research.

I have also now removed three of the names from my list, because I found out they were born in another country, but had Swedish parents though.

I still have my around 100 names to continue my work with, and I so long for the next opportunity to continue down to Belgium and France to document where they fell and where they are buried or commemorated.

Please feel free to follow my work here on my page, I will keep it updated with the latest facts along the way!

Church books

A very good source to verify the identity of aech soldier is to try to find them in the church books through the National Archive. Sweden has a long tradition to register different occasions in a persons life and now that is a very good thing, when searching for the roots of each soldier. I feel this is just the start in my work to try to widen the perspective of each individual.

On this day …

… the October 4th 1917, Lance Corporal Peter William Olsens Unit, the 9th Coy of the 2nd Infantry Bn of New Zealand Wellington Regiment, was fighting in the area of Passschendaele in Belgium. Probably they took part in the fightings of Broodseinde Ridge and Gravenstafel Spur, south and west of Passchendaele.

Peter William Olsen was born the February 24th in 1890 in Sweden, according to fact that I have researched and he was enlisted to New Zealand Army the April 22nd 1916. He was Taken on strength in the 2nd battalion in France after has arrived from New Zealand in June 2nd 1917.

After fightings he was declared mising but sooner reported Killed in action the same day, and in buried in Tyne Cot Cemetery north of Ypres in Belgium.

Today we remember Peter William Olsen, and what he did as a native Swede, for his new country New Zealand. #LestWeForget.

Google Earth Project translation

The work with the page content is ongoing. Right now I am putting in the facts I have gathered about all the individuals. From the databas the data then goes in to the Google Earth Project, which means you can find the geographical places and some facts and pictures about each soldier.

After that is done, I will continue to put all the facts in to the soldiers alphabetical list, where you can find a link to each soldier, sorted in which army and unit they were connected to, with some more facts and pictures.

When that is done I will translate all the text in the Google Earth Project into English. So Thanks for your patience, it goes slowly forward!